Smud Rebate requirements

SMUD rebates are defined by what SEER rating is installed in
existing homes by the HVAC contractor. It doesn’t matter if you have a heat
pump or a traditional air conditioner there are SMUD Rebates available on
qualifying energy star equipment. Your homes energy usage is determined by the
current system along with the ductwork and insulation value in your home. The
current rebates on qualified heat pumps, Air conditioners or packaged units can
range from $400 to $1100 in some situations.
The SEER rating is a mathematical calculation used to
determine how much energy your air conditioning system uses. SEER is based on
outdoor temperature, wattage of the equipment along with amperage draw of the
air conditioner.  In some instances
cooling energy consumption can be reduced as much as 60%. Once again the energy
efficiency is determined by a few factors including: the furnace, ductwork, air
conditioner or heat pump and lastly the insulation in the walls and
The average SEER rating in the Sacramento area is 8. By
federal law manufacturers can no longer build or manufacture anything less than
a 13 SEER residential air conditioner or heat pump. SEER rating is like miles
per gallon so the higher that the SEER rating is the more possibility there is
to become energy efficient. Energy star considers systems with SEER ratings at
14.5 or higher energy efficient.

Now there is a second number that goes with SEER that is
also required by SMUD rebates standards.

Energy Audits are necessary to receive the home performance
rebates of up to $9,000. These home performance rebates do offset the
investment amount in many instances for the necessary upgrades to reach the
requirements set forth to get the SMUD rebates.







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